Stardom is Inversely Proportional to Freedom

low section of man against sky

Becoming famous is like climbing up a pyramid. The more famous you are the less free you are.

Moreover, you will be lonely at the top. And restricted regarding what you can and can not do.

Why exactly it is a nightmare to be famous like Billie Eilish or Justin Bieber at a young age?

Because you do not know how to handle it.

And what exactly are you annoyed at? The constant glare of media, paparazzi, fans. They don’t let you breathe. Your fans want to know more about you. Media is the medium.

So, one thing that can be done is hosting virtual sessions with fans. Writing an interactive blog or making a Youtube channels and opening up and make a connection with the fans online.

This will satiate their urge to some degree.

Hi there đź‘‹ Nice to meet you.

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