Sometimes do Something for no Reason at all

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People are walking all the time in a perfectly straight line. It bores me to death. Doing the same thing over and over again, in the same way, is unimaginable for me.

So what I do is every once in a while I do something for no reason at all. It gives me joy. It breaks the monotony.

  • I start dancing out of the blue even when no music is playing.
  • I take the odd route to Office/Home out of the blue.
  • I travel to a place and explore that place without any planning.
  • I take random pictures of things that interest me

The Benefits of Randomness on the Brain

Doing something spontaneously, without prior planning, can positively impact our brains. Unplanned activities can break up our daily routines and stimulate creative thinking.

They also encourage us to take risks, which can help us build mental strength and hone our problem-solving skills.

Random activities can also help us become more mindful, improve our focus, and reduce stress, leading to improved overall well-being.


Do something out of the blue, you will feel good.

Do something for no reason at all, you will feel happy.

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