People Living in a Cage Think Flying is an Illness

One Bird sitting and one bird flying.

This is the irony of the human condition that people have wings but they think flying is an illness. Because they have been caged for ages.

And those who follow their hearts and reject conventional wisdom are considered outcasts or ‘abnormal’ by society.

People do not question. People want to remain in their cocoon.

We were not born with the herd mentality. We were conditioned.

And it is our own responsibility to get disillusioned and unlearn and let go of the baggage.

Each one of us is given wings to fly. And each of us needs to gather the courage to one day break the shackles and take the leap.

It is difficult.

It is hard.

It is tough.

I can tell because I myself am in that cage. To lead a secure and comfortable life I am clipping my wings by the day. The more time I spend in this cozy cage the weaker my wings become.

I am concerned if I will be able to feed myself and my family if I concentrate only on flying.

Or will God take care of my nourishment if I follow my passion?

I am not sure but come what may I will one day break free from this cage. I have the determination and willpower to do it. I am just waiting for the right time. And it shall come!

It is difficult to break free but not impossible.

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