My Wish to Become Like a Flower

A sunflower

Everyone is selling something.

  1. Writers are selling their books and courses.
  2. Headspace is selling meditation.
  3. Google is selling my data.
  4. Companies are selling their products.

It’s not wrong. That’s how businesses thrive. By selling.

But what’s wrong, according to me, is selling at any cost. Making profits at the sake of lives, making profits by selling humanity itself.

But everyone is not doing it wrong. Some are making money and benefiting society as well. Maintaining a balance and not losing their focus.

Then there are some organisations which are working just for the betterment and upliftment of human beings, environment, animals, and other species; without making any profits. These are the so-called Non-profit organizations that run on donations and support.

This is where I wish to belong one day. I wish to run my blog helping people and sustain myself and earn a living purely on the basis of donations and support.

I want to be just like a flower. It gives its fragrance regardless of who is receiving it and without wanting anything in return.

But I need to earn loads of money before I become like a flower. I want to become rich and experience fame once in my life. I already know that that is not the answer but still I want it!

As Jim Carrey once said:

I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that its not the answer.

Well, you can not reach the top without climbing all the rungs of the ladder. These superficial things: money, fame, success, power, etc. are all rungs in a ladder. These are not the ends but the means to reach the end goal i.e. becoming a flower.

Hi there 👋 Nice to meet you.

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