Is Loving You ‘Unattachedly’ Possible?

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Today and tomorrow are special days for two of the most special people in my life.

And all I know is that I love them to the moon and back. But still (somehow), I don’t want to feel hurt when it is my time to let them go.

Is it even possible – to love someone without getting attached? Or are there two kinds of love – one that we lesser mortals do and call love that hurts and the other one which is true love?

I guess, true love lets you go.
I guess, true love waits for you.
I guess, true love is happy when or where you are happy.
I guess, true love is true test of your character.

I guess, the real one would not mourn the passing of a loved one. But, will not mourning not mean that one’s heart is made of stone?

If it does not break your heart what kind of love is it.

I have heard and seen some people start writing poetry or engage in creative endeavors when their loved one passes away. They try to channel their grief, which is also a kind of energy I guess, into something creative.

So, my (wicked) mind tells itself that it will get a chance to write a masterpiece (and become famous) if they leave me alone suddenly.

You’d say how selfish and arrogant! But I say this is how it is preparing itself to fill the void.

So my love, behind the walls I am trying to prepare myself for the inevitable.

I don’t know if loving you without getting attached is possible or not, all I know is I will find a way to not just survive but even thrive without you.

Hi there 👋 Nice to meet you.

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