I Want to be Rich but I Have my Reasons

I want to be rich, but only to realize it firsthand that riches can never provide eternal satisfaction.

I want to be famous but only to experience it firsthand that it is not the answer.

I want to be powerful, but only to find out that only self-control and self-mastery lead to a fulfilling life.

I wish I could learn all these things from others, you know, vicariously. But I am not designed that way.

Moreover, going through all these experiences only firsthand will change me as a person, I believe.

I have always been ambitious and I have a strong desire to be successful in life. Mainly, I want to achieve a life of financial freedom, to be able to do whatever I want, and to have a life of luxury, albeit for some time.

But more importantly, I want to be able to use my success and fame to help those who are less fortunate. I want to be rich, famous, and successful, but I also want to use my success to positively impact the world. I want to use my success to empower and inspire people to follow their dreams and reach their goals.

In one sentence, I want to use my success, riches to help others.

And that too, I am sure of our genes, is for some selfish gain.


There is nothing wrong in aiming to be rich or being rich. What matters the most is your intention behind it.

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