Slow Down & See the Beauty in Everyday Life

There is beauty and awe in everyday life, you just have to pause and change the lenses on your eyes.

These pictures πŸ“Έ are taken on my everyday route to Office 🏬

On a routine weekday, I would be in a rush to catch the bus 🚌 and miss all the little things happening around me.

But today, as it was a holiday, I was in no rush. I saw that those same trees 🌳 I used to ignore earlier are looking magnificent today.

On my way to Office

As I alighted from the bus and started ambling towards my home 🏑 I saw a flock of pigeons wandering among the beautiful flowers 🌼

Without making any sudden movement or any kind of noise I took out the camera πŸ“· and clicked their picture. I hope they didn’t mind πŸ™ƒ

In the park adjacent to our home

My point is simple:

Everyday life need not be boring and dull, there is magic ✨️ happening all the time. We just need to hit the brakes on our fast-paced lives and observe the world 🌎 with brand new eyes πŸ‘€

Hi there πŸ‘‹ Nice to meet you.

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